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Mild and gentle deodorant cream for sensitive skin.


All natural and vegan deodorant suitable for sensitive skin.

An aluminum and baking soda free deodorant, our cream calms skin irritations and eczema. It contains antiseptic essential oils from orange, tea tree and lavender, as well as other active ingredients. We’ve added coconut oil for its naturally deodorizing properties. The organic rice powder and white clay help to keep your armpits dry. Finnish hemp oil, full of omega-3, -6 and -9 fatty acids, will soften, repair and protect dry skin while also providing antibacterial properties. Arctic seabuckthorn and blackcurrant seed oils (rich in vitamin C, E and essential fatty acids) will moisturize and improve skin elasticity. Using this deodorant can strengthen atopic skin while soothing sensitive, irritated and itchy skin.

Our Hemp Deodorant Cream isn’t as efficient against body odor as our Marigold deodorant. However, Hemp is excellent if you have sensitive armpits that react to most deodorants. This cream can be used after shaving since it won’t irritate or burn the skin.

  • Designed for sensitive, atopic skin that irritates easily
  • Calms the skin calming
  • A mild option for irritated skin and eczema
  • Does not contain baking soda

Hemp Deodorant Cream 60ml

  • Warm a small amount of the product between your hands and apply to armpits.