The proud of Finnish nature

源自芬蘭 真誠有機

FLOW COSMETICS 於 2004 年由專業香薰治療師 Riitta Jänkälä 創立。



時至今日,FLOW COSMETICS 已是北歐家喻戶曉的純淨護理品牌。

芬蘭野生苺果 - 天然強效的護膚品原料

產品中最關鍵成份 富含維他命 高效抗氧



Flow Cosmetics has been expertly crafting products since 2004 in our factory in Riihimäki, Finland. 

Essential oils are incredibly nurturing and beneficial for both the body and mind, which is why we place such importance on having them in our products. The uplifting aromas are transformative and the results truly speak for themselves

Flow Cosmetics today is a well-known organic brand in Finland. 

​The most important active ingredients in our products are native Finnish wild berries and herbs, which are full of vitamins, antioxidants and northern robust energy.

“we believe that genuinely good products can only be made with good ingredients”

Always natural

Always effective

Always honest.

100% Natural Safest & Highest Quality

  • Free from synthetic preservatives 

  • Free from mineral oils 

  • Free from petrochemicals 

  • Free from ethoxylated ingredients 

  • Free from surfactants  

  • Free from synthetic fragrances 

  • Free from synthetic colouring agents